What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump is a well established technology that represents one of the most important sources of alternative energy for businesses and households.

We specialise in Air Source Heat Pump Installations throughout the UK.

  • Annual savings of around 50% on heating oil or LPG Gas
  • Can be adapted to all central heating and domestic hot water systems and can be used for under floor heating and radiators

Heat pumps are electrically powered appliances consisting of a compressor and two carefully matched heat exchangers. They are designed to provide space heating and hot water through a new or existing water system using either radiators and/or under floor by extracting heat energy from a free, renewable source, the air.

The air can absorb and store heat from the sun making It possible to extract considerable amounts of this heat even when ambient temperatures are as low as -20°C. Air Source heat pumps are easily installed to either new build or existing properties as there is no need for any time consuming or expensive groundwork excavations as required for Ground Source Heat Pumps. All the compressor requires is an outside site close to an external wall and sufficient outside airflow.

Heat pumps are a very cost effective means of providing space heating and pre-heating domestic hot water. The high efficiency of the units means that the output heat energy can be up to four times the electrical input power, something not possible with other methods of heating.

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Heat pump cycle chart and coefficient performance

Heat Pump
Heat Coefficient Diagram


Absolutely! The system will be designed to fit your family and life style needs. It will work very effectively as low as  –20 degrees. Hot water cylinder capacities start at a 180 litres  and we can heat the water up to 80 degrees.

A properly sized and fitted air source heat pump will provide a significant return on investment.

No more fossil fuel bills.

You should expect a good quality air source system should last a minimum of 20 years. 

This compares to a modern condensing boiler which is only likely to last between seven and 10 years.

Very little, because there are few moving parts and there is no combustion.  However as with your fossil fuel system  we recommend that your system is checked by us each year to make sure that it’s still running as efficiently as it should.

Yes an independent survey will assess your requirements

We might have to change old or inefficient radiators, but there will be very little upheaval. We also drain and flush your system and replace the water with an antifreeze.

If you have underfloor heating it should be fine as this is typically designed for a flow temperature which is lower than radiators.

Not at all – heat pump technology was actually developed more than 150 years ago and the first ground source heat pump was brought into use over 70 years ago.

Are they noisy?

The noise level is similar to a comparable refrigerator but located outside, please watch the video opposite.

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